Hey guys. Quick question. I am going to be ordering some post cards to send to previous customers and I was wondering about postage. Does anyone know the price for postage on the PWRA post cards?

Andrew J. Theis
Integrated Power Washing
Warner Robins, GA

If you are sending them to specific addresses, which it sounds like you are since you are sending to previous customers, the price is .33/per. Reg postcard stamp.
Maximum size: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high by .016 inch thick.
Good luck with your mailing.

Cool thanks man. I was wondering what the size regulation was

Andrew J. Theis
Integrated Power Washing
Warner Robins, GA

word on the street is that postcard stamps are going up to 49 cents at the end of the month??

Postcards (the small ones) went up to $.34 today.

EDDM went up to $.175

The 8.5x11 postcards that you mail retail first class will fit into the $.98 category, up from $.92

That’s Eddm keeps creeping on up. Already cost 30$ more per 1000 then it did 18 months ago.

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You confused me with the .98, is that EDDM?

Are all EDDM sizes .175? or is that a starting point.

We will not be mailing 8.5x11, but would like to know upfront what postage is before we order postcards so we do not get postage shock at the USPS Counter.

Eddm postage is cheap. It’s cheap because you do all of the work.

Eddm applies to “flats”. Flats are at a specified size, weight and flexibility. Eddm postage for flats is $.175

If you were to mail a “flat” first class with retail stamps, each piece would cost you $.98

There is a bunch to learn about eddm before you drop the first batch. Don’t be afraid to ask for info here.

I am going to try to send out 2500 per month. Hit up a couple neighborhood 3 months in a row.

Try to order at least 5000 at a time because that is the number where you start to see the most at cost print savings.

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The magic number seems to be 10K to maximize savings, after that the savings isnt all that much.