Post treat

I have heard some major respectful guys on here say house wash or 2% for post on flat. Im only sold on 3% because it works for me and thats what i learned in the begining. Do you guys do 2% or less on flat and it ALWAYS works with a 4 gpm rig? I’d be tempted to try it. I just like the track record of 3.

3% works for everybody if it’s cleaned properly. It’s not that a house wash mix or 2% doesn’t work it’s the fact that you can spray a stronger mix and walk away while it’s wet without any doubts. In saying that, your end result is only as good as your initial clean. Throwing around chemicals is a big part of what we do but not a cure for everything. Probably a good rule of thumb - the smaller your machine the stronger pre and post treatment you’d use. I run 5.5’s in a residential setting around 3% has never let me down. It’s my go to also.

Nothing wrong with a 3% post mix, just that often not needed. Really, really, rare where you need a 3% pre-mix. Every job is different. Even the steepness of the drive can effect. If a steeper drive, because it runs off quicker, 3% may be better, whereas a comparable drive that is flat, a 1% may work find. Same variables with wind, heat, the concrete itself, etc. You’ll learn to tell.