Portrait Photo Next to Search results. Good for Pressure Washing Company?

So I’ve been noticing the photos next to search results. Looked into it a little bit and it is actually easy to do.

I was thinking for my small pressure washing company it would look fine. I’m not sure though, it might look unprofessional…only thing that is keeping me from doing it is I don’t see it done to any other pressure washing websites.

Any opinions? Im mostly just posting for SEO purposes lol, but if someone wants to discuss this topic I’d love to.

Facebook for business, YAY

I don’t think there would be anything wrong with it, actually I think it would be nice, but I always thought it was difficult.

How is it done?

Well there’s two ways that I read about, I’d have to look it back up again. But the way I remember is to have an email that is @ your website’s domain name. Then have that email set as your google plus local business page email. Then you put a line at the end of each page that says “By Your name”. And in a few weeks it will shows up.

Again my memory is bad you’ll wanna look that up to confirm, but it’s something like that. I may have missed a detail or two. I decided not to do it cuz I didn’t like that “by Bill Weaver” line at the end of my pages. And the other way involves html and I haven’t learned how to do that just yet.

Also, I think it has to be a face picture. I was hoping you could do a photo with 3 people in it in uniform but I didn’t get far enough to find out.

Actually I just looked into this a little more. It looks like it only works for your personal google plus page. Not your business page so that complicates things.

on Google searches, if the user a) has a Google + profile, b) has sufficient Google + followers, and c) has implemented the steps to enable authorship/ rich snippets. So your first step is to set up a personal Google + profile for your company spokesperson.

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Sorry so many posts. heres a link lol.

How to Get Your Picture to Show on Google Search Results via Authorship and Rich Snippets, 2013 - YouTube

That’s a good video. Well it’s not that easy, but it’s not rocket science either. I think you can do it with the “by line” as well, I definitely read that somewhere but who knows.