Portland Or pricing research Seems low

I was doing market research to set my pricing and found this from a competitor. Seems super low. Established company. I was thinking I would set my house wash pricing starting at $329. Having second thoughts on my pricing now. Anyone familiar with this market or have any input.


Why not just start with your initial prices and soon after you’ll find out what percentage you’re landing versus being told you’re way too expensive and then you can tweek it from there in small increments until you find your market’s sweet spot ?

Those are the rates he is advertising not necessarily the rates the customer is actually paying.


Yea it seems like a bait and switch pricing. I’ll continue researching pricing for my area.

Set your prices where you need to be go out put your bids in see how many jobs you land and how many you don’t then adjust if needed but also do the little extras to set your company apart from the others to justify your differences in prices