Poor water recovery with surface cleaner

Howdy yall!

I have some apartment jobs coming up and my hotsy water recovery system isn’t up to task. I have a sirrico 21" ported surface cleaner and when testing with my hotsy vacuum it isn’t picking up enough water. The bottom is as flush as it can be without scrapping the ground.

I have an 8gpm machine. I tried adjusting the throttle and only at its absolute lowest does it seems to recover most of the water but it also doesn’t clean as fast or well. I also have an 8" ported cleaner for stairwells but forgot it at home for my field test today.

Anyone who does apartments have any advice on working with ported cleaners? It’s my first.

I have never recovered from a surface cleaner as we used 2 5’ sections of Vacu-Booms on 100’ of 1-1/2" hose. I believe my GD roots blowers pulled 450 cfm IIRC

try increasing the gap of surface cleaner to actual surface. i would think you need some air flow.

I’ll try that. The vacuum from each hose just feels very weak.

Running at almost the lowest rpm is the only way it recovers most of the water.

Are you filters clean?

Yeah. Just realized the surface cleaner needs 170cfms to operate properly. My vacuum only has 100cfms. $3400 later i have a new 200cfm vac to pick up Monday morning before my job.
New business growing pains hit like a mule. Anyone want to buy a barely used hotsy rc water recovery system?

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Nope lol

However, I do know a guy that scored a healthy contract with an airport because he was the only washer within 100 miles that had a recovery system so there can be benefits. But still no lol

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Speaking of selling stuff. This forum really needs a “For Sale” section. @qons make it so Mikey my man!


That’s not a bad idea at all. Just got back in from an out of town kids’ sports trip. And then head out tomorrow for another kid’s trip, but I will see what I can do this coming week.


I think it would be nice for folks to have a place to list stuff. However, I’d much rather y’all focus on fixing the dang bug where I can see my notifications lol any news on that?

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I have everybody covered on fittings lol brass for days fellas lol

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