Pool Shock Shortage!

My local dealer is warning the pressure washers that there’s a shortage coming on Pool Shock. Where do you all order this for cheap and is anyone else having this problem? I get it for 4$ a gallon of 12.5%

My chemical company said it won’t affect liquid chlorine. The plant that makes chlorine tablets for pools had a fire. The shortage for the tablets has already reached NJ.

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If you are buying the pool shock in one gallon bottles, don’t do that. Find a chemical supplier and buy it in bulk.

Thats why my question asked where? I buy it 4 packs of 1 gallons. And you cant get in cheaper anywhere local so I was wondering where you guys got it:)

I bet you can get it cheaper if you stop buying homeowner 10% chlorine from home depot and Lowe’s and call up a chemical supplier to have drums of 12.5 delivered for wayyyy cheaper that $4 a gallon. Which is expensive

Google “chemical supplier near [insert your city or nearest large city here]” and call down the list asking for 12.5% sodium hypochlorite. If you’re in Ohio, call Chemical Services in Dayton.

Pool shock will indeed be affected. Talked with my local pool company and they are already seeing an excess run on liquid chlorinator as the tablets aren’t available. I can still get the 55gal drums so far but we’ll see how that goes.

Also do an internet search for custodial supply shops in your area. They might sell bulk SH.

I’m down to about 45 gal and my supplier didn’t get their expected shipment in. He’s supposed to let me know when it’s coming in today.

Picked some up from Univar yesterday, no shortage there, barrels a plenty, not 140 a barrel delivered though.

Getting 55 drum Thursday delivered, vendor says they are slammed though with orders……

I do NOT miss pouring off individual bottles of stale bleach/pool shock one tiny bit. $2.40 a gallon, delivered whether I’m there or not. I make a call. They have a key. Boom. Bleach.


Where are you getting your 12.5% for $4/gal by the 4 gal? I haven’t even been able to find that in the Portland, OR area.

Of the big box stores, Menard’s pool shock is the only one that is 12.5%. Others are 10% or less.

This is what I buy since I also do this on the side. I do about 2-4 houses per week and only need to keep about 30-40 gallons on hand. I also have a setup where I downstream directly out of the gallon jug, so these are convenient for me. If I bought in bulk I’d have to transfer back to a jug anyways. I only use about 2-3 gallons per house, so saving $1 gallon isn’t a big deal for a small timer like me.

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Thanks @Nickski. :+1: I’d be all over that SH at Menard’s, but the closest one is 2 and a half states over from me. Good to know if I ever move east.

Where in the world have you been? How’s Dani doing? I hope things are on the up and up.

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Ah, guess I didn’t even think they weren’t all over the US. Sorry

My bulk supplii had none in stock and can’t get an answer as to availability. I just wiped out two Lowes for 1 gal bottles. I hate one gal bottles. Glad to see you’re up and running.

Look supplier of pool shock(pool and spa)