Plumbing tanks

What parts do I need to plumb this to have a drainage hose going off to the side ? I was thinking a PVC T, threaded into 2 barbs ? I can not find a T piece that has threads on it tho. Any help or pictures would be appreciated!

KISS. Add a second bulkhead for your drain line.

Also, you’re going to want to replace that vinyl hose with pvc suction (spa) hose

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That stuff is a lot better ?

Much better

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Ill grab some! Thanks.

I don’t believe that would work. It would have to have a threaded male end in order to screw into the bulkhead. Unless you ran a small bit of house from the barb to the T and then clamped it but that doesn’t seem to be the most efficient way…

Not trying to offend, but I’ve been using that reinforced supply hose for three years, no issues. There isn’t any real suction so it holds up surprisingly well.

Now the remote injector hose is a different story, that’s a must.

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Water really dislikes being sucked around a tee. If you absolutely have to do it, run the tee so that your supply is pulling through the long straight part, and the drainage is the offshoot.

I pull my supply through a tee, but I oversized all the plumbing to 1.5" to compensate


If you just want a drainage off one side you don’t have to screw into the bulkhead. Cut the hose 4" out, install the tee, run a short section of hose, and install a ball valve. Will only take a couple minutes.


Yeah that’s what I figured. Probably going to end up going that route.