Please help me find some good equipment

I’m not opposed to buying a new skid but I want to get the most bang for my buck! As I’m sure we all do…
Anyway, I almost got burned on a used system off of ebay as some of you may have read. Luckily there are some good men on here that can spot an inconsistency with a quickness and they helped save me. I’m going to give ya’ll one day to help me find the best possible deal on a used system. If we can’t find a good deal on good equipment I will call a company and order a new skid and build my own system as I go. Bare minimum, 5 GPM but prefer 8, the most HP I can find, I’m good with 3K PSI but will take more, if it comes with a trailer and accessories, that is all the better!! I want to stay around 5K or less but I can go 7 for the right unit with everything I need. Will you all check your local craigslists, ebay, sales ads, papers or whatever and help me find what I need? PLEASE!!! I will make it up to you! SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY!! I will drive up to 500 miles for the right setup! I will listen to all advice and input also!

Go and get the least expensive unit that you can get by with. Use it while you shop. What you are asking for is entirely doable but probably not in the 24 hours you have given yourself to have magic appear. The little unit you buy to get by will be a great backup unit later.

I have something you may be interested in. Text/call me for pics/details. 859-983-5955

Man, I didn’t see your post for some reason. I was working off of my phone yesterday so that might have had something to do with it. I sure would have called you! I gave up the battle and bought the bullet on a new rig this morning. It was just too much of a hassle shopping for a good used setup and after almost getting burned because I’m an idiot and don’t know much about the equipment anywayI figured my best option was to stay with new equipment and a warranty.

It’s a Hydro Max DC6036KG 6 GPM 3600 PSI with a 20HP Koehler Fuel Injected motor. It should be here by monday! Hopefully by then most of my other stuff I have recently ordered will be in too. I can’t wait!!

Here is a list of what I have on order or has already made it in…
Qty | Item # | Description | Price Each | Total Price

1 | EBC5 | EnviroBioCleaner, 5 Gallons | $130.00 | $130.00

1 | F9BARC1 | F9 BARC Rust Remover | $39.95 | $39.95

1 | ROOFSNOT5 | Roof Snot Chlorine Stable Surfactant For | $71.50 | $71.50
| Roof Cleaning

Name Code Qty Each Options

F-13 Gutter Grenade 5 F135Gallons 1 77.77
F-8 Neutralizer / F8-10LB 2 34.93
F-18 MAX Wood Stripper & F18MAX 3 43.33
F-10 Percarbonate Cleaner F10-10 2 50.00
Simple Cherry House Wash SimpleCherry10 1 33.77
/ Multi Purpose Cleaner
10 lbs

Steel Eagle 24" Surface Spinner with Deublin Swivel & FREE Skirt KitYour Pressure Washer Machine’s GPM 4 Your Pressure Washer Machine’s PSI 2000
CC8324D-GPM-PS $899.00

J-Rod 4 nozzle Holder with Nozzles $35.00

Suttner ST-601 4000 PSI Straight Trigger Spray Gun $30.00

12" Gauntlet PVC Safety Gloves (Pair)


O-Rings for Quick Couplers 3/8" (1 Dozen) QCHD90D-38 $3.99

O-Ring Pick $2.45

Stainless Steel Quick Connect Coupler Female Socket 3/8"



Stainless Steel Quick Connect Coupler Male Socket 3/8"



Stainless Steel Quick Connect Coupler Male Plug 3/8"



Stainless Steel Quick Coupler Female Plug 3/8"



R-1 3/8" Single Braid Gray Non-Marking Pressure HoseHose Length 100 Feet


Plus I also bought a nice used Dodge 2500 with a Cummins

Here is my list of things I know I will need. If you know of something that I absolutely must get, please let me know!! I can’t think of it all

Tote Tanks for water and drum for chemical mix tank
Trailer (I have a loaner for now. I still haven’t decided on an open or enclosed trailer I know the pros and cons I think of both but I think I would prefer an enclosed. I’m just not certain yet)
Wet/Dry Vac
Drum of Bleach
Marketing materials

Cool man! Looks like you got some top of the line equipment to get started with! You pretty much got most of what you need to get any job done. Looks like you’ve done your research. The only thing I would be concerned about is 100 feet of hose is not going to be enough in most cases. You should also go for the R2 hose, as it will last you much longer. Especially if you’re using hot water. A hose reel would help you quite a bit as well.

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Thanks, Josh!

I forgot, the skid comes with 100’ and I bought an extra 100’ and a hose reel. I will probably scrounge up another couple hundred feet to have just in case too. I already have a pump up sprayer but I’m guessing another one or two of those will be handy as well.

If you can afford it, this would help quite a bit:
I have wanted one myself for a while. It’ll eliminate the need for constantly replacing pump up sprayers.

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I might have to put that on the backburner for a while Josh so I can keep a little operating capital. But it looks like I could pretty much do the same thing with my fatboy if I made me a mini drop stick? What do you think?

Yeah, that would work, but I would make sure that all the bleach is cleaned out of your lines before you start running acid through them. That would create some serious fumes if not. And you would want to use much smaller nozzles for spraying F9 or stripper then the nozzles for that come with the Fatboy for roof cleaning.

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Makes sense! I think I would be money ahead to run a 5er of clean water through it after every use regardless wouldn’t I?


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We have one of those sweet little units Josh. It sees a lot of concrete sealing duty. Nice setup.

We also buy 4 or 6 cheapo roundup pump up sprayers at home depot every once in a while.