Please critique my new site

I just got this up and I need some honest opinions here. I want to make this as good as can be, so I can get some work out of it. Property Maintenance | Palm Harbor, FL

On the PW page I’d stay away from using the word “Chemicals” and change it to detergents…but that’s just me.

Looks Good!

Like Guy said I would stay away from using that chemical word. The people who are concerned about the Environment will see an oxymoron when you state on your site that you use “Environmentally safe chemical cleaners”. You could make that say “Environmentally safe cleaning solutions” or something along those lines.

As for your site it looks Excellent. Did you do that yourself?

No webdotcom. Thanks for the input. I will change the word chemical. I have access to the control panel so I can tweak myself. They put that together in 3 days and did modification today. I just got my square reader credit card reader, so now I can accept credit cards. Now I just need business!

They did a nice job. If you don’t mind me asking, what did they charge you for a site like that?

$94.95 per month free setup. They submit the site to all the search engines and get everything up and running. They gave me a free web domain and phone, 3 email, etc… I went and changed the title to “Pressure washing, Roof cleaning and gutter cleaning / Palm Harbor, FL”
They also setup a google places account.

Can someone tell me why I can’t add a signature?

I see your signature in your profile.
Make sure that the box by “Show your signature” is checked.

I see that box in general settings. Where is the show my signature box located. Maybe I’m blind( quite possible)
Oh never mind, it is there now!

Thanks guys I did exactly as you suggested, as well as making the contact numbers bigger. should be up in a day or so

Looks Good. Clean simple to the point. Good Luck with it.

Yea it looks pretty nice. Good luck with it. The only thing I dont like is that monthly price…

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the monthly fee. That’s steep.
If you end up joining the PWRA you’re going to want Ambidextrous Services to build you a site.

Yes I agree.

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