Planter stains

This is a little delicate, long time WC customer asked me if I could clean her porch.

Normally I’d turn to BARC and surface clean but the cream has popped in a couple places due to the last ice storm we got, so I just want to be sure not to discolor the surface or make it worse.

Not sure what the spots are in the other pic, she doesn’t have hanging plants or anything.

I know for sure the concrete is a few years old but it still has that new-looking bluish color.

I’m big on OneRestore for a lot of stains, I’ll wet the surface, apply straight, wait 5 minutes or so, don’t let dry out, add a second application, don’t rinse in between applications, then rinse real good. I’ve also used Prosoco 600. Those little spots might be fertilizer staining?

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Thanks Donny, I just happen to have some One Restore, haven’t tried it yet.

Kinda looks like calcium carbonate buildup. But on the other hand sometimes when new concrete gets wet all the time it pulls the magnesium to the surface, and that cannot be removed. Cream layer looks delicate, I am thinking that will be altered if you attempt any type of acid cleaning.

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I’d try OneRestore, it’s safe to use, never had any issues on any surface so far. My go to for a lot of different staining.

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Either one will be fine, but you need to do that whole little section, spray it on, lightly scrub, mainly to saturate. Then, like Kentucky said, I’d spray another light coat on that section and then surface clean the whole porch. You need to tell them, that section may look a little whiter than the others.

Perfect, I actually have confidence in this one, thanks guys. I’ll post a before and after once it’s done in a couple weeks.

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We just did it Monday. I rinsed off the looser stuff and sprayed One Restore straight on the obvious red stains. It foamed a lot, and I rinsed after about 3 minutes. Her watering the planters over a few years seemed to have ‘worn away’ the top bluish concrete layer and it was more of a medium grey once the brown oxides were taken out.

My worker took pics and I will post soon as he sends them.