Pickup ramp recommendations?

Anybody have any recommendations for a ramp for loading a 4000psi/4gpm belt drive washer into a pickup bed?

This one seems good but also seems like it may be overkill, so curious if anyone knows of any cheaper ones that would work fine:

Yaheetech Pair 7.5’ Aluminum Lawnmower ATV Motorcycle Truck Loading Ramp 1500lb Capacity https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NB1NJHI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_QSZaCb1QBZ81Y



Woah, that’s a nice price there :grinning: Obviously would need two of them, right?

Do you have them? If so, pretty stable with a 4gpm?

Come in a pair… have a set for enclosed trailer and a set for the shed on 2x10s, 5-6 ft long. You would likely need as long of lumber as you can fit and get a decent head of steam for a truck bed.

If you in and out of a truck, best bed is to get a skid or trailer and makenit stationary.

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Would this work for you?


I bought a set from Harbor Freight. You don’t want to be unloading and loading each site. Buy a second PW hose and leave the washer in the truck. :+1:


Thanks for the info. I’m more looking for a ramp to get the PW in the bed before I go out, and then out of the bed when my day is over. I have enough hose to leave the PW in the bed all day as I work, I just can’t leave it in the bed overnight at this point (no garage). I’ll check out Harbor Freight, thanks again

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