Pickelball shoes

can someone tell me what are pickle ball shoes, suggest some?

They are shoes for pickleball: what is pickleball at DuckDuckGo

What does this have to do with pressure washing?

Why in case your client wants to have a quick game, of course. :smiley:

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This can’t be for real.

Traction on shingles is great though.

That’s what I was originally thinking, but this is the first I’ve come across advocating “pickleball shoes” for roofing work.

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I have never worn or advocate wearing these on a roof… it was a joke, I REPEAT IT WAS A JOKE… do so at your own risk.

I was refering to the OP, not your post. :wink:

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why is this such a big dill? :nerd_face:


Any of you guys down in the south heard of the Dr. Pepper and Pickle trend going around?