Pest controll

Easy ways to keep pest free home. Share it here.

For the last year I stand on our deck every morning and shout " Tigers Be Gone"
Never seen a Tiger in our yard.

Not sure what other Pests this will work for,

Don’t quote me on this, While I was searching to find out what everybody uses in a basic house wash (PS It shouldn’t have been that hard I hate how everybody is so secretive) But I heard of people using Borax and there were many claims it will help keep your house pest free.

As I said don’t quote me I don’t know from personal experience but maybe a pro will chime in.

Depends on if it’s people or insects…If it’s people I just fart a lot and make rude noises…if it’s insects I’ll just call an exterminator.

Double Post…sorry.

There’s a product out there called Demon WP, pretty potent and works if doing it yourself.

Also like to add, if spraying herbicides and pesticides most likely you will need a license. I have been stopped 2 times while spraying and was asked to show mine. (I own a lawn care business but moving into power washing)

Pest control at regular intervals is an essential step to keep your home pest free. A home with pest infestation can be controlled by professional pest control Wallingford CT services. It is not a smart thought to do pest control by yourself. There always hire experts for pest control services.