People are scum!

So here’s a quick story about a brief incident that happened yesterday at a commercial job.

I was doing rust removal and had the area cautioned off with cones. A fella decided to walk past the cones while I was distracted in the toolbox. He didn’t realize I could see him over it. He was looking around for cameras on the building (looking almost straight up).

He took a couple steps forward and started standing on my pw hose and kinda twisting his foot around. He then looked all around him for a “witness” and I knew what he was doing. I walked around the corner and pointed at the truck and said “you are on camera dude, done play games”

He pointed at me and winked smiling real big and walked off.

Legitimately trying to fake a trip and fall right in front of me…

Protect yourselves out there when working in public! People are looking for handouts everyday. Cones and caution tape are cheaper than an attorney.


You are.too nice… scum is too soft spoken

I get crap like that a few times a years . But nothing tops the lady that threatened to sue me saying we KILLED her unborn child. She didn’t realize she would have to prove she’s pregnant. She obviously couldn’t. I usually get a chuckle out of stupid people but that was way over the line.


Now i will get a 360 cam.
Got 2 samsung gear 360
But will it melt on the sun?

And I’m the IDIOT that washes trucks with nobody around, for a living. :joy:


Personally, I like washing stuff when no one’s around too. Not trucks here though, just the areas around them that the drivers have to walk in when they’re at the dock. This distribution center is closed on weekends, which is when I try to schedule it.


Me to! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the heck outta reading and learning about everybody’s to and fro . My hats off to them. But I’m really not a ppl person. I’d go broke trying to do residential.


I think being a truck driver for about 10 years is why I enjoy the heck out of working alone with no one else around. Love my residential work, but I do wish I had more days like this past weekend. Would’ve had another 90 docks to wash at a GE warehouse today, but they needed it done before it was possible to schedule them.

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I’m a people person. Love socializing. I could double my house washes a day if I could quit conversing with the customers.

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While I like working alone, I really don’t mind being social, and I definitely waste too much time talking weather and kids with a lot of customers too. Can’t get away from most customers down here that fast anyways. Had an elderly customer the other day, mid-wash opens the back door to hand me a glass of tea and talk. Just something peaceful to me about being able to spend time thinking about whatever while I work with absolutely no interruptions. Lord knows that kinda solitude ain’t happening at the house lol!


Try working in 55 and up communities we’re there all bored and tired of talking to each other. Fresh meat is what we are . They would stop traffic just to talk to you for few minutes. No matter how busy you look. Quickest way to slow down my day. But we do it anyway. No need to seem rude


Down in those 55+ communities in Florida, I’ll bet talking probably ain’t the only thing they’re tired of doing with each other. Fresh meat for sure lol!

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Read about the “The Villages” in Florida

Then all you have to worry about is the blind people who legitimately trip over when the cones and tape do not provide a proper exclusion zone.

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I’m so very happy that I don’t have to worry about people while I’m washing things, ie horse trailer, barn stalls, & the like…

my exclusion zone is a much larger footprint than my work zone. Hoses wouldn’t be laying anywhere near the cones and tape. A visually impaired person would walk into the tape and stop. I have been a safety officer for many years. We are covered as far as public exclusion. At the end of the day if the public wants to gain entry and hurt themselves they will find a way. But I have seen you post about the USA’s lack of safety standards… So here’s your image for the day!


I personally think we take it to the extreme. If people would use common sense there wouldn’t be half the issues with safety. oops I forgot, common sense is a thing of the past


No, common sense is so rare it is now a super power.

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Took the words right outta my mouth lol! Someone needs to make a Superman shirt with a big C on it for common sense. I’d buy one.