Paver Sealing

Just curious if any of you guys do it. If so, what sealer do you use? Any Seal n Lock users?

I used to use seal n lock. Then they went so high on the price. About that time they let Russ Heitman go, so I just stopped offering the service.

It was a great product, just not enough people willing to pay the price for it here.

We are getting more and more customers asking about sealing pavers, which we don’t currently do. I know Seal n Lock is nice because you don’t have to come back after everything is dry, but the product is pricey. Outside of Micah, anyone else use(d) Seal N Lock? Or any other recommendations for sealers?

I used Defy sealer. It worked pretty well and no call back so I would use it again. It is reasonably priced and user friendly other than the pavers having to be dry.

We use seal n lock it’s a great product. Very user friendly the price might be high but it is a quality product. I am in FL it’s paver heaven here. We just finished one today and have 3 on the schedule next week.

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I used C&R from Sherwin for years its good but pricy. However for about a year now ive been using eagle sealer. I love it and its only $119= 5 gal free shipping to house. You can order through Hd. or go directly to eagle ive done around 50 paver driveways with it and highly recommend it.

My comment was 7 years later lol

You must have those headphones turned up so loud it’s hard to pay attention. :grinning:

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