Paver discoloration due to surface cleaner malfunction


Hopefully you can see the picture above

While pressure washing we had a surface cleaner malfunction at the end of the job which cause these tiger stripes or etching in the newish paver. Can anyone recommend what to do next. We are buying a new surface cleaner and go over the area again. In order to to make it look even. Will that do the trick or would we need to use some chemical to make it look even ? Thanks

The lighter colored areas just hasn’t been cleaned yet. If there wasn’t a big area left to do you could’ve finished the job with a 40 degree nozzle that puts out about the same psi as the surface cleaner. If you see any faint lines after you go back over it post treating might help. If they plan on sealing the pavers you can’t really post treat so just be sure to rinse it away after it dwells for awhile.


I didn’t know that! Why’s that the case?

You don’t want to risk a reaction between the SH and sealer. You don’t really know how the sh salts will effect the sealer.


Makes sense, thank you!


Guessing asking the customer if they plan on sealing their patio-whatever surface anytime soon is pretty standard?

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