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I have two paver estimates I’m working on and I’m concerned with both because I am a newbie to this. Never did one yet. One customer has Techo- bloc pavers with unilock accents and I was told not to apply pressure to that Techo paver because it would force out efflorescence? Are there pavers to stay away from? This customer wants the joints cleaned out and polymeric sand installed. Joints are pretty tight, very flat and color is lightly dirty or just faded a bit. No algae,moss. Just chalk from kids. I was going to pretreat with 3% sh for half hour rinse and clean out joints then surface clean.
The second job is a pool deck and they added a 10 ft x 50’ section. The polymeric sand in new section was not installed correctly and he wants it out but he wants the old sections sand around the pool to stay. I see pretty big gaps, dirt, weeds, moss all around. How do I knock out the sand in new section and without knocking out the old sections sand get it clean and even? I am pretty sure the surface cleaner is going to knock out all the polymeric?

got pics.

You may want to pass on the 2nd job. That’s going to be a real PITA.

I do have pics. Had a hard time uploading! I can’t leave this guy hanging and pass. It’s hard to see but there is a line going toward pool house. It’s not perfectly straight. New is on the left The next estimate is the techo block and last pic is customers paver that showing a grid pattern with efflorescence. What do you guys think of that? Looks like a tile and they placed it in upside down.

For the Techno bloc -

Bottom Pic - NMD80

The other one - call me, don’t have time to write it all out


Thank you racer. I messaged you my #. I don’t have yours.
That info on the link is very helpful. Knowledge is so important and difference between winning jobs and you sound professional when speaking to customers. :+1:


Thanks for the help racer. All set for the customer to install the polymeric and seal.

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Looks good. Hopefully customer was happy. How’d you end up doing it?

First, I gave the customer expectations that some of the newer joints may get knocked out. We used the turbo nozzle to clean out old paver joints. Surface cleaned and rinsed away any debri. Post treated with a 2-3% rinsed again. For the newer pavers we surface cleaned at a lower psi, treated and rinsed. Not too much of the polymeric popped out.