Paver cleaning and sealing advice

I am giving a quote for an existing customer for cleaning and sealing his pool pavers and need some help. The area is approximately 3760 sf. I am planning on using Seal n Lock and doing this in one day.

How would you approach this cleaning? Would it be better to use a soft wash system with a roof mix and a light rinse to avoid a major re-sanding when using Seal n Lock?

I know asking about pricing is taboo, but I would appreciate some guidance on this.:o I have done some smaller jobs, but feel I am under pricing and leaving $ on the table. My sf price for some other small jobs like this one have been anywhere from .65 to .75 sf. Looking over some old posts on other forums, it looks like I could be getting much more ($1+ sf) in my area. Feel free to PM me if you want to keep your advice confidential. Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey Jason, I am no expert in this area by any means. I am starting one tomorrow that is only 250 sqft. I am at $2.00 a sqft but that’s because it is so small and I am not using Seal n Lock so I will have to make multiple trips. Looks like a soft wash would work fine as long as you can get the rust stain clean. At .65 a sqft you would make over $2400 in one day. Not bad if you ask me. But if you can get over $1 and still get the job then go for it.

Thanks Jeff. The rust stain will be no problem. I think for a small job like you are talking about, I would also be at $500 for a minimum. If I was also doing the house and other add-ons, I would be less.

Any other thoughts from the veterans?