Patio help

Could i use a surface cleaner on this. Or should i just use the wand

you can use pw, not real high pressure though. but it may not get all the moss out of joints if that’s what it is. Hard to tell from pic

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Sometimes those bricks have gravel in between them, and you’ll blast them out and get gravel and mud everywhere and the job will be real messy if you try using say “a turbo nozzle” or other tip, but I guess if you use a SC you’ll be able to contain the mess a little better, but might beat up your surface cleaner and or nozzles/bar, If that’s the case (gravel in between)… I’d say check what’s in those joints, and use your best discretion lol. & like @Racer said, you dont wanna use too high of pressure anyway, maybe pre treat and post treat so you dont HAVE to use too high of pressure… Just use your noggin, you’ll be fine…

You can use a surface Cleaner just drop your pressure to around 2000 psi. Pretreat with about 3%


Thanks alot fellas. You guys helped alot