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I’m new to this board. I have been in the pressure cleaning and paint contracting business since 1993. I have been buying much of my supplies, chemicals, parts etc from Envirospec but prices have gone up significantly since I started buying from them years ago. I love their super suds sucker chemical injectors but the have more than doubled in price in just the last 5 years. I am interested in where you buy your parts in general and if any of you are familiar with that particular injector and know where to get one like it for less than $89 each. Thanks in advance!

Bob Enyart
Job Sight Inc
Roanoke, VA

Bob the SSS is identical in every dimension to a general hi draw. Bob at PressureTek sells a modified injector with no spring that last twice as long as any other injector. If you don’t have a local guy I would buy from him.