Has anyone successfully added painting as a service to their pressure washing business? It seems like half of the washing jobs we do could use some type of painting whether it is for a building, flat surface or line striping.

This would be mostly for commercial, but I am sure it would work for residential too. I wonder what kind of hourly rates a painter can get in comparison to a pressure washer? I assume the painters would be lower, but they would not have all the overhead associated with the equipment.

This could really help offer the customer a full service restoration rather than just a cleaning. So many times I have to tell customers their stuff is just oxidized, or too far gone for us to wash it and get a good result.

We successfully got out of the painting business about 10 years ago! lol The money was great but reliable labor was tough in my area. I only hired experienced guys and paid them really well, but reliability was an issue at times. Overall, I decided managing the cleaning biz was simpler and dropped the painting over time.

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I successfully dropped my painting as well, wont go back to it, what a PITA

Better to “team up” (network) with a really good painter. He send you OW work, you send him painting work. You’ll both stay busy.

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That’s exactly what we do and it works great. Stuck to what yah know and be a pro

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