Painted brick

Ok guys, I searched but couldn’t exactly find anything in the old posts. I am quoting a house today that has some spray paint on top of painted brick. Basically the customer is about to list the house and decided to paint their wrought iron fence black without taping off the WHITE painted brick behind it. Any thoughts on what to use? I looked at some graffiti removal but worried that it might take the original white paint from the brick off as well. There are a few spots like this. Here is a pic for reference.

Match the paint & paint over it


Yup. Can’t use paint remover without removing all the paint.

Maybe if the paint is fresh and it hasn’t had time to cure yet, somehow you could miraculously rub it off. But even that would probably leave a shadow or a dull spot in the white paint. 99% chance it needs a paint job. Matching the paint exactly is probably impossible. If you paint from corner to corner, nobody will notice a slight difference in color or sheen.

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That’s my hope that it hasn’t had time to cure yet. Going to try a few things and if it doesn’t work then I’m going to just tell them it has to be painted. Thanks guys

enamel is very hard to remove from latex based paint