Paint staining on brick

So we’ve got this guy that would like us to treat these areas beneath his columns. He says it isn’t from the paint (obv. it is in some fashion or another)… It’s clearly not efflo, given the locations. Anyone seen this, ideas what it is/why? We’re thinking try some grafitti remover on it…

The customer is always right! Except for now. That’s definitely from the paint. I’ve used F9 with great success removing oxidation run off on brick

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Yep, like @mwpws said, that is paint and possibly a little white caulk/sealant runoff (applied so the water doesn’t run under the posts/pillars) Use f9, may need multiple passes but I doubt it as that is the lightest i’ve seen. Just follow the cookbook directions. You do you, I used a brush and kept the mix as light as possible. I won’t go into why. Just be careful with the overspray getting on the cement, pre wet the concrete surface and rinse thoroughly. Won’t go into why, most people won’t care.

Paint, like everyone else said F9 and I also like to use OneRestore for that stuff….works great, I spray it straight no cutting it.