Paint prep pricing galvanized building

I have a project that I priced. The customer wants a airplane hangar paint prepped. It is ridiculously oxidized. It is about 1800sq ft. I will have to get on the roof for part of it. I quoted between $450 -$600. Am I overpriced? I did a demo and he was very happy with the results. Just didn’t like the price.

That’s high, for 1800 here but was the demo easy? Or time consuming? That would make a difference.

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I had use caustic and brush. The main area was 1800 sqft. The two smaller areas on each side were about 500 sqft each. If you can see the areas on top of the smaller sides where the windows are is where I would have to get on the roof to brush. It’s very chalky. What do you think would be fair? I feel like brushing an entire building shouldn’t be cheap. He was expecting $100 quote.

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Not sure what part of the country you’re in. We would have been a little higher. Your demo turned out nice.

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Thanks. I thought the demo would pretty much leave him no choice but to pay for quality. It was so clean he touched it thinking it was wet…it wasn’t. Maybe he’ll call back. I thought the quote was pretty fair. I don’t think oxidation gets worse than that.

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