Paint on concrete

I have a house on stilts where the painter last year dripped and spilled paint all over the concrete under the house. He tried to remove it but just smeared it around. Builder just got a contract on it and that is one thing the buyer wants completely cleaned. I tried yesterday with just pressure to see how much would come off and only the top coats would come off. What is the best cleaner for a big space like this. If it was just a few spots i could clean it but I was wondering what I could spray on the entire floor to make sure it is all the same. There is also a lot of over spray from painting the siding and stilts.(I only have a 8GPM cold water machine.)

A few coats of taginator?

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Go to Walmart and get a gallon of Kleen-Strip KS3 Stripper. Make sure to get the GEL! I drip it out of the can and then spread it using a plastic scraper. Let it sit for 10 minutes then hit it with the pressure washer and it will come right up. I like the gel because it peels the paint and does not dilute it like paint thinner. If you use paint thinner it will simply dilute the paint into the porous surface. I have to say that it sounds like maybe the painter did just that and that if you pressure washed on top of that the paint may have been pushed into the surface even more.