Paint bubbles

A lady is selling her home, concerned about disrupting some bubbles in the paint on the home.

I’ve washed houses with paint bubbles in the past with no issues, but had one 2 weeks ago where a bubble popped even though I was using a low pressure fan tip.

Any tips? I may suggest only washing the gutters and eaves, and leave the bubbles areas if I can’t guarantee no popping.

Hopefully images show the bubbles clearly.

Walk away……don’t let it be your problem.

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Tape them up.

Yeah, not happening.

Thanks for the input guys.

She’s concerned because they had a guy pressure wash the fence. Took more paint than grime off

Walk, she will make this a headache for you for sure.

Yep, “we can definitely do a pre-paint prep wash for you”…


Better update. Done the job a while ago, went smoothly.

Used my normal DS mix with a 5.5, rinsed with low pressure tips and agitated the dirtier areas so I didn’t have to let my mix sit too long.

Used tape to cover some of the larger bubbles but may not have needed to do that.


I do the same darn thing, stress out about something and it turns out fine.

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