Paid Members How has the PWRA helped your Business Grow

So I wanted to see how the PWRA has helped PAID members grow their business. I would prefer that PAID members ONLY post in the topic so that those that have not joined yet can really see the benefits of this great Association.

So I joined last year B.C I wanted to be apart of a association that was going to help me build my business and I was sold on the free advertising material that was put together as well as some other factors. My first even was the Huntsville event. At that time I was really not happy with the direction that my company was going due to the saturation of PW in my area and my concern with pricing. Upon leaving Huntsville I took away alot but the one thing that stuck with me was appearance and branding. At that time I had a HW machine and Tandem trailer but it was all old and used and not in the best condition but it worked all really well. But I reliazed that looks really do matter…(Thanks at GUY Blackmon)

So upon coming back from Huntsville a new trailer that was built only had 50 hrs on it I instantly bought the unit and made it mine and set it up to what I have today. Along with adding the letters and advertisement to my truck as well. That was over the winter.

Fast forward a cpl months and NOLA 2013 was really good. Helped me see some areas in which I can grow to add to my bottom line (i.e… Window washing).

As we all know on the east coast we got off to a slow start due to below normal temps but the work was coming in but NOT like I wanted. After all I just spent a ton of cash on new equipment and 2-3 stops a day wasn’t cutting it.

The whole time I was passing out door hangers and leaving cards at Gas stations and giving anyone and everyone a business Card. So Fast forward to the end of March. We went from 2-3 a day to 6-8 a day in residential. So with all this work I wanted to venture out in a new area that I didn’t really want to explore before I joined the PWRA. I started going after some commercial work with some advise from Jermey K, Thad E, Micha K, Curt K as well as some of the other topics we have on PWRA.

So has it Paid off???


I’ve landed and completed a local collage’s dorm’s. 3 huge dorms as well as a medium on and the chapel on the school .(Completed in 17 hrs for a chunk of cash)
I landed a HOA property to clean a ton of side walk and curbing ( We start this next week 2 days for a huge check )
I landed another HOA property with 27 units that we completed in 1 day for a nice paycheck.
I’ve landed a shopping center literally right across my street on quarterly cleaning on concrete as well as a cpl of store fronts inside and out. They found me b/c of my truck lettering…
I’ve landed my first weekly window cleaning Job at a local store.

All this has come from the encouragement of the Members of the PWRA. Is it worth $299 ??? YES its worth more than that. I would gladly pay $599 or more for results that I personally have gotten.

Plus with Ambidextrous Services discounts on Design and “AT CoST Printing” discounts You get your membership back in those savings which make your money!! So to me its a no Brainer

When you Join now you get a 5 gallon of Fresh Wash which helps your SH with these benefits (I copied them from

When added to a bleach based cleaning solution Fresh Wash augments cleaning results by:

  1. Includes a masking / cover scent
  2. Allowing surface tension to be broken on the cleaning surface
  3. Allowing deeper penetration of bleach based cleaning products into stains
  4. Allowing bleaching reaction to happen at a lower overall bleach concentration
  5. Allowing cleaning products to dwell (hang) longer on horizontal surfaces


You get a FREE ADMISSION ticket to the PWRA Convention.

So if your scared to spend $299 for growing your business, getting benefits,networking with contractors and most of all a family like association then the PWRA is not for you.

BUT if you want to Learn,Grow Be successful then join now. Don’t wait.
Heres the link

Great post Alex! The positive group atmosphere is always a plus:cool:


Dang Alex great post. Im glad you have gotten so much value from your membership. That really makes me very happy, Id be very interested in hearing others stories as well.

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Alex Curry

Dude it’s the middle of June. People are busy. On that note this forum and my WCRA membership have changed the way we operate. Even though I don’t know Thad personally his webinar on roof cleaning made me take the plunge as an add on. We are on pace to do 40k worth of roofs this year. The marketing material kills for us. Added 200 new residential clients this year through eddm already. Also learned how to properly soft wash from this forum. I now understand gpm and nozzle sizes needed for our surface cleaners as well. I also will soon have a set up for getting into commercial surface clean work. Waiting for the Nashville convention before I go all in on that. So yea, this place and the people that share on it is the best resource anyone in our field could use. It is a game changer.

PWRA has been a huge help for me with At Cost Printing and the huge discount I got with Customer Factor was awesome and that discount is worth the cost of the membership alone in the amount you save. I am also in talks with the fleet tracking company for GPS tracking my trailer. The forum is a great tool that people can gain knowledge from and I am a VERY happy and satisfied member!

I’m still extremely green in this business, so here’s my input. I joined because I was looking for a place that I could learn from experts and people like me who started small and grew. So far once learning how to navigate all the various tools that this site has I have a great looking flyer that I am proud to be handing out. All of the help and advice from the members alone is invaluable. I hope that I will be able to maximize the full potential of this forum and it’s experts, and at one point be able to help another new guy looking to get into this business. Plus the drama free atmosphere is great.

Your in the right place Sultan. Good to see you here.