Any chance this is coming off?
What’s your thoughts?

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my thoughts are I hate when people don’t properly educate themselves before undertaking a task and a mess occurs. yes their is a chance it will come off but this also a chance it wont be even.

I know, the home owner says he never cleaned that side because it was high but I think he tried and failed miserably

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How would you even go about getting it off? A scrub brush? You think he used high pressure before causing it to streak like that?

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at this point - paint it

We’ve had decent luck with oxidation. However, when we bid jobs like these on metal siding we sell them as paint prep cleanings (once in awhile it goes well enough that they decide not to paint but I never promise that). Vinyl usually just gets replaced instead of painting. We triple our normal price. Here is our process, its not our normal soft wash process:

  1. Apply strong detergent (wild cherry, or paint prep soap with a less than normal SH).
  2. Hand scrub siding to work the soap in.
  3. Turn the heat to 150-170 (yes we use heat on vinyl and metalsiding… for oxidation only).
  4. Pressure wash siding as evenly as possible using 1200 psi (#10 white tip at 5.5gpm).
  5. touch up areas that don’t look even with brush applied soap and re-spray.

Even if it doesn’t look perfect at least now the new coat of paint will stick!

Matthew, lower left window bottom 4 rows, looks like almost a circle done with a 0 degree tip.
Home owner told you this side was not touched, it was too high. I learned a long time ago, how
things start out is usually how they end.What ever the fix is for this, has now become irrelevant.
My gut instinct has already told me, personally I am passing on this job. Good Luck:)

Bill Sullivan
Bill’s Window Cleaning.

Thanks everyone, That’s what I was thinking as well.

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Ok the melting point of vynle siding is 160 degrees just so you know

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