Oxidation on Fiber Cement Siding--What is the solution?

Question from a homeowner. The paint on the fiber cement siding o one side of my house has oxidized. What is the correct solution to this problem?

All the topics here advise contractors to walk away from the job. As the homeowner, who do I turn to next? Is there any point in pursuing someone to hand scrub the house for me? Or do I just need to accept the inevitable and have the house repainted?


Hey @DavidRobison, removing the oxidation isn’t impossible. Try contacting companies in your area and I’m sure one will be able to help. Best of luck.

If there is a lot of oxidation on the home, I would think about putting the wash money toward repainting, The labor involved in removing oxidation can get pretty expensive…depending on how widespread it is.


Ditto. And there’s no guarantee as to how long the results will last with oxidation removal. It might only be 6-12 months.

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AND…ive mostly seen these types with barely any paint on them as it is, maybe 1 coat. Yours may be different, but I feel alot contractors skimp out on paint.