Oxalic mix?

When I’m mixing my own oxalic and it calls for 4 oz to one gallon water, this is 4oz in weight, not volume, correct? How do you guys measure it out on site? Or you just wing it?

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I use a measuring cup and do 8 oz as my baseline. its a liquid measuring cup so who knows what the conversion is. Lol

Sometimes there’s still a thin layer of Elemonator semi-dried in the bottom so the oxalic sticks to it making another layer. So I guess you could say I use 8 ounces give or take a 1/16 of an inch of junk I shoulda washed out by now.

I measure surfactants with a measuring cup but I thought oxalic was done by weight.

I don’t know. I’m curious to see who else chimes. What I’m doing is working with the oxalic at “8 oz.”, but I’m open minded.

I also use my same measuring cup but have to one up you because I do rinse my elemonator out first haha

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Not ashamed. Lol

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