Overnight freezing of surfaces?

Thought occurred to me, if you clean a driveway, stairs or sidewalk during the day with potential to freeze overnight, do you warn the customer their driveway could be an ice rink as they get ready for work?

no cause water will eventually dry out.
but then again I am in NC, no real winter here.

I’m in MI…whenever temps get below 32 at night we Post Treat all concrete surfaces. The 3% SH solution helps to prevent freezing.

We don’t do decks when it starts to get below freezing at night.

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We don’t power wash when the temp is scheduled to go anywhere near zero that night.

Freezing point is 32…not 0

Not if you live in one of those silly places where they measure everything in odd ways.


Guys crack me up.

Donut is right…

Up here in Canuckistan we measure in degrees celcius


Ayyy Canada :canada:


Labatts?! Party on!

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I measure degrees by how bad my joints hurt