Outsourcing SEO & Ads

I have been thinking about doing this for a while.

I am wondering if anybody here has done this & who they would recommend? What where your results?

I hope I don’t offend any SEO guys on here but the SEO business, in general, can be shady. I think SEO is very very important but I believe lots of services take advantage of folks who aren’t that computer literate. I have heard of people charging 45-200 a month for a website I could build & more for other services.

My website is built, my on page SEO is done but I am open to making changes if they would help.

I am interested in running ads & off page SEO, or anything that would help.

If anyone here works with someone they would recommend.

Please post on here or shoot me a message.


Best thing you can do for off-site seo is setting up your citations. Just do all the free ones you can, making sure your NAPs (Name, Address, Phone#) match on all of them. Any novice can do it, and makes a huge difference in local ranking.

You are right in saying that a lot of SEO companies are shady. That goes especially for the ones that do off-site work.

That’s what my lady is doing. And verifying my local listings are all correct. She’s also doing some local press releases and some other stuff. March was my busiest month ever. I could smooch her.