Outdoor tv, melted siding and a red tip job!

So I had a house wash this week. Had to tarp an outdoor tv and also explain to him that his red tip work on the house is permanent. He was hoping me washing the house would remove this. He also liked grilling and had a few spots where he kept the grill to close to the house. Figured I would share the fun!


Ouch! Well, I reckon that he coulda finish his house one square inch at a time!


He should have left a autograph.

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Zoro attacks again. Lol.


Wait. Heat is bad for plastic?! Who would have thought!

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Why not ask them to remove the tv and sign?

Was easier to bag it. He was an older fella.

He could have just been trying to kill a wasp or hornet! Man, I hate those #%&@^