Out with the old and in with the new

Time for me to step away from the bulletin boards on a daily bases. Being around as long as I have on these sights and making a slew of good friends there really isn’t much more I can contribute on the net.

I always believed in helping each other out when we could on the net which was always easier for me because I don’t have the time to talk much on the phone.

As for my future plans I may take one more run at a PWNA BOD slot down the road(20% chance) and I also may help out some guys with some future events within this industry.

After seeing now how well these bb’s run and the great job the Mods do on them and the frequency the membership post, it brings satisfaction knowing how far we have come since the days when hardly anyone post in the late 90’s.

I may still post once in awhile but my goal is to fade away and move on.

Happy holidays and may your New Year be a healthy/happy and a prosperous one.

Thank you [MENTION=350]John[/MENTION]T! Although I am new to the forum, I have derived great benefit from your participation. Your level of knowledge has helped me make many of the decisions that will benefit my business and community now, and well into the future. Good luck on your future endeavors and have a great holiday season.

Fresh Look Pressure Washing

It’s A Christmas Miracle!!!

And A Merry Christmas To Everyone!!!

I hate you feel as though there isn’t much more for you to contribute!! That might be true for the ones who have been around as long as you have or whatever but there will always be new guys like myself coming along that have gained and would love to contiue to gain knowledge from you and the other professionals on here.

Having said that, I understand the need for a break but I hope you come back soon.

Thanks for all of the help you have given me. Even though at times it wasn’t directed at me.

GOD Bless!

Wanna bet?

So, what’s the story on this? Why would someone just “step away” and choose not to participate and help anymore?

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It’s part of being a PW$A bod member. Not being mean or anything just the way it is.

^^LOL^^ Guy’s always good for a laugh…lol
I still sign on the bb’s daily and answer my pm’s. As for the PW bb’s I’ve been doing these at least 10 yrs before Guy’s even been in business. Basically there’s so many good mods and posters in general now that there’s not much more I can add that I havent done so many times in the past.

Im still around but just plan on responding much less. PWRA rocks on its own:)
If you think I can help you with something always feel free to hit me up on a PM.

As for a BOD position I served to term years ago… today I’m still a free agent:cool::cool:

John, you’re too easy, I knew that post would bring you out of lurking…LOL!

Wow, you’ve been in business 33 years? Guess I’m just a kid, we started up in 1990 after my Father died. I remember wanding driveways for $25 a piece back in the day, thought it was big money…Lol! Wish I could go back 23 years with what I know now.

Here ya go John–I’m still around;)

Werent you working at a pig farm in 2009? I remember you posting that you started your powerwashing business around 2007. But hey if you want to count the first time you use a powerwasher knock yourself out. Its all good bro.

Haha! No no pig farm Johnny. I Incorporated the business in 2006, started the business in 1990. Speaking of pigs (no disrespect) you had a job too as I remember. I have nothing to embellish on the boards, don’t have to.

Miss you Buddy!

Hey Guy I cut grass for money in 69 and clean a shed for money in 70 does that count…lol I know you have a problem with law enforcement but hey… with your background I can’t say I blame ya. At least you had your wife job to cover your medical insurance–Just sayin–

Man you got that right. Her medical is great! Mine was pretty good when I had a regular job. I carried our insurance for the first 20 of marriage, it’s her turn now.

Don’t know too many people that don’t have history. I was a Hellion in the day.

I’ll make you a little wager. As your business progresses I bet you get your wife involved.

The best thing I did was to get my wife to run all the office work which includes accounts payable etc. She now has an ownership stake in the business as well which has her even more driven.

For others who may be reading this, I learned yrs ago at one of the Conventions I went to that if you can find a slot for your wife in your business to answer the phones etc. your business can bring in alot more money. The main catalyst to this for me was Tony Szabo who’s wife runs his office work and his business has expanded 10 fold.

So we blame Wyatt?

Lol…“Just when I was getting out I got pulled right back in”:cool::cool::cool:


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