Out of the starting gate!


Still a work in progress but everything worked flawlessly on my first day out!! A driveway job ($250) and small patch of effloressence on a brick house ($200). I’ll cut hoses to length once I figure out exactly where I want to put the pressure washer. M-Th the truck is used for our interior home cleaning business so everything is easily removable. buffer%20connections|375x500

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Braided hose?


“crush proof”…seemed like a better option than the clear flexible option at the time. :sweat_smile:

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Replace it


Why? Unless it is going to damage something it stays.

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It can get soft in hot sun and become ‘not crush proof’
Can you kink it and if you step on it does it squash?

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Havent tried either but I Will as soon as I get home today. What hose am I supposed to use?


Suction hose, mine is reinforced with a wire spiral strand so it cannot suck flat and starve pump.


Yep, suction hose. Looks like this:


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I like it a lot! I might steal it.

What’s the black thing on the floor? Another filter?

Is the shelf attached to the truck?

Can you suck the water right up like that or do you have to prime it somehow? Everybody said to buy a belt driven machine because it can pull the water, but my 4/4 doesn’t seem to be able to do that.

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The lump determines weather it can suck or not.

Gravity feed it

Mixing some EBC (Enviro Bio Cleaner)

I really need to post a pic on the skid bottom i made for a truck bed setup. It work great for mounting stuff down in the back of the truck.


Here it is. I managed to find a old post.

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@instock It is attached with cables from 2 eyebolts on the back of the frame to the front truck mounts in the bed. That is a second filter to catch anything which might get into the buffer tank. I have a 4/4000 belt drive and I purged the air trapped in the line initially with no problems all day.
I’ll take some close up pictures of the details and send them to you. I needed a system that was removable (this is 3 pieces) and gives me the most floor space. Once I paint the frame black I think it will look more “professional” as well.

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