Our services aren't necessary, apparently

I get it, we aren’t plumbers or HVAC people, but I was reminded today window cleaning and power/soft washing isn’t a ‘necessary’ service. Customer was nice and all but he did point out people don’t actually need what we do, it’s just to make their houses look nice.

Anyone else get this line?

Hah. Since they have to call a plumber or HVAC company in the first place then how would they know they actually need what they are being told. Not an answer to give them but a truth.

How about saying:

"Let me tell you a little bit about why it is necessary. Take a look at this growth on the house. Many of these have been proven to be mold. Mold can be one of the most common things found on the outside of houses. Our carefully select combination of biodegradable products have been chosen to not only lift and remove all that dirt that is unappealing to look at, but, it will also help reduce the risk of mold and anything else that might be there from getting out of control.

I tell you want, Mr/Mrs _____, I’ll treat a small surface as a free test and we can take a look at how quick and effective our products are against these things. You’ll see what it does before your very eyes.

Come on. It’s free and it speaks for itself."

My reply probably would’ve been:

“So why did you call me?”
“And your point is?..”


We’re aren’t a necessary industry. Take what you can. It’s one of the reasons I moved from residential. Apartments clean when they have money and when they don’t, for aesthetic purposes. Green mold in the side of a house never made anyone sick. No more the green mold on rocks like the side of trees.


Just because a service isn’t needed doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. People don’t need clean cars either but there are car washes everywhere. People don’t need to go to the movies, but the theaters are thriving. People don’t need to hang artwork on their walls but they do. When you go into Home Depot you will see people who have to be there because they NEED something repaired now, and you will see people there because they WANT something to be improved. I could go on and on but the point is we provide a service that people need sometimes and want sometimes. I focus all my attention on those who WANT the service because most often those who need it (like commercial or post construction jobs) aren’t willing to pay the premium prices that I prefer to charge.


Need and Wants are two different things
20 years ago I may have wanted a cell phone now I need one
Here’s a good article

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It’s a luxury service. I get it. We aren’t really needed.

Homeowners who hire us are buying time so they don’t have to do it themselves. Companies who hire us usually hire us for “marketing” reasons. Keeping up appearances is what we do.

Aside from that, I agree with the guy.

The only reason anyone needs us is to see if they can save money on having to repaint. Lol

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You can always play the property value and curb appeal angle. Also HOA’s around here drive alot of calls, so if you can advertise at the right place and time you can get alot of back to back jobs in one area. If a third of a subdivision gets a letter and you can get their early enough to do the 5 arounds, then at that point you essentially preform as a necessary service in that area.

Agreed, the only time I feel ‘needed’ is when the customer has a family gathering and needs an ‘emergency’ window clean or sidewalk wash.

Honestly do you NEED ac? You could just make a fire yourself or sit in the shade.
Do you NEED runing toilets? You could dig a hole in the ground yourself.
His argument is silly.


You NEED a plumber when a pipe bursts, probably his argument.

No worries, I’ve known this for decades. Just kinda makes you think every now and then.

Sooo… did he book? :smirk:

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If your insurance company is going to drop you, it’s necessary. If you get a failure to maintain citation from the town, it’s necessary. I could make an argument. But arguing with customers has never gotten me much. I think @Infinity nailed it.

Agreed arguing won’t work. I think your only chance on that kind of hard objection is to try and offer something free that takes minimal time and demonstrates value.

I’m thinking a spray bottle with a strong SH mix and a rag or whatever is appropriate for the surface might let them realize how much cleaner it could look.

I thought that might be a way to at least get a shot at it. I’ve been in sales and know it’s a sales pitch. The worst you’ll get is a “No, I dont want a free spot cleaning”, on a sale you werent getting anyway. I would bet your conversion rate on that objection would be extremely low but a few more bucks through the season can’t hurt. Besides if you peak the interest enough where they want you to spot test then it’s a buying signal and you just qualified your customer and they are interested now to at least see it work.

In sales there’s two things you can’t overcome. Poverty and stupidity



But walk into a timeshare pitch, and they’ll try and overcome (or possibly exploit) both… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Haha. We did that one time in Orlando. We had this deal where we had free tickets to Disney and a reduced rate at a hotel and all we had to do was listen to their sales pitch. The little sales girl she poured her heart and soul into it. I let her finish and told her that we were not interested then she went and got her manager. When her manager got there I said there was no need for a T O which stands for turnover to a manager to come close the deal. She asked how I knew that term and I told her I’d been in the car business. She looked at me and said y’all have a nice day.

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We did that for a discounted cruise… on our honeymoon. Not the smoothest way to start off our trip.

I didn’t know any fancy sales terminology, so they went through 2 T.O.’s with increasingly high pressure sales tactics. After some 3 hours into our 1 hour visit, they finally gave up on our broke butts, lol.

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We have friends that have time shares and they really enjoy it. There’s isn’t for a particular location there’s a network of places they can stay. They’re retired so I guess it’s worth it for them. We’d never get our moneys worth

My wife and I have probably sat in on 50 time share presentations during our marriage. Not really proud of that…just a fact. The sales people are trained well and will try every angle…even ones you’re not expecting. We did it for the free tickets to something, free dinner somewhere, cash…you name it…we received it as a gift.

Most lasted 3 hours even though they say no more than 90 min. Starts with the salesperson, then comes the manager, then the closer with an iron fist. If your patient though…when getting your gift, usually a sweet lady will show you their “surplus inventory” for about 1/15 the price of what the first salesperson offered. Not sure why they don’t offer it to begin with but we bought one 20 years ago for cheap and use it all the time. Some of them are worth it…most are a rip off. We still do timeshare tours for gifts… to sure why…it’s easier to say no when you already have a timeshare…lol. They close 1 out of 3 (so they say) so I don’t feel bad at all shutting them down.