Our first estimate tomorrow

So we have our first edtimste tomorrow. It’s a retired couple that just bought this house. She specifically asked for soding and gutter wash however, when I did a drive-by, I noticed her roof and drive is heavily soiled as well. The roof has algae all over it. It’s a 3300 SF 2-story home with a walkout basement. The siding is covered in green slime but the front brick appears to be pretty clean. It’s in a very nice subdivision that we’re hoping to get more work from. So we are planning to quote her a price for the siding and gutter and then throw out an additional estimate for the roof and drive. I was thinking quoting $550 for siding, $250 for gutters, $600 for the roof and $150 for the drive. Am I out of line? They have a tremendous amout of plants and trees around the home and a considerable amount of gutter brushing to do at at least 45 foot heights on the back. Not to mention several large windows and a painted wood deck on the back. I’m sure she is requesting quotes from all of us. This is a town of around 70,000 people and only 4 of us pressure companies show up on Google.

Forgot to mention that it’s not a square home either, there are a total of 8 exterior walls and an attached garage.

I just got sticker shock and I’m not even the customer. :grin: Something that I always do is list everything on separate lines, and then DON’T total up everything at the bottom. I think there is something mentally that happens when customers see that big number at the bottom. Maybe I’m way off.

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That’s a great tip. Thanks! So are you saying that is over priced? And if so, which part or all of it?

That’s a big roof for $600