Our customers love us

We’re spoiled.

Also, got the trailer lettered yesterday, completely thrilled!


Or, they politely telling you to lose weight.

Diet Dr Pepper, granola bars and fruit.

Now real love would be some ice cold beer and BBQ…


Man, in another job, I had a customer (a fellow Texan) bring me some Shiners and burnt ends after I finished the job. He told me to take them home and enjoy dinner on him. Reason #16,275,483 why Texans are the coolest people on Earth.

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Nah, affluent customers eat healthy around here, or at least limit their fat and sugar intake. I’m offered diet drinks and water all the time. That’s why I bring my own cooler of junk lol.

And yes, Texans are awesome. Lived there half my life.

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Love this idea

Thanks! I got guff for it at first but it works really well.

Im not against it. I just would seriously consider a better strapping/ bolt down method that includes metal.

Understood. Problem is the V-shape of the tongue wouldn’t line up with the grooves in the leg tank without serious fabrication.

Fortunately I don’t keep water in it when driving.

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Weld a plate of adequate size, like diamond plate or something in no less than 3/16in thick. That should do the trick. I think I myself will be putting my burner coil there on mine and just running its pressure hose thru floor and its already has its own inegrated diesel tank on opposite side of the burner(small buffer tank seperates the 2).

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I prefer tips but that was very kind of them.