Organic growth identification and treatments - white light splotchy growth on brick

Hello all. I am new to the forum and have mostly been lurking and reading before setting up account.

I HAVE searched for this specific thing but could not find and want to get opinions.

I have an 8GPM 3500 psi machine that DSs at 15-1. A few pump sprayers.

I have seen this splotchy white or light colored growth on plenty of brick but it is always only about 1 or 2 feet high at most and usually hidden behind landscape and whatnot. I typically treatwith a HW mix and use minimal pressure to wash this away but it usually leaves a “shadow”. Because it is not very noticiable usually and no customers have specifically requested that be removed, I leave it at that.

From the photo here you can see this is a different animal entirely and this stuff is growing all up all sides of this home. What is THE WAY to remove this completely, and what are my options with the set up I have?

I treated with a 2% mix and left it to return in a day or two to see what has happened. I am not confident at all. Have booked them for a “basic housewash” with no promises of what the brick will look like but all other vinyl and soffits are green so they will be happy when all that cleans up.

If I don’t have the set-up maybe I’ll throw this one to @Harold, he is in my neck of the woods.

Hi William. Looks like normal algae up top and some lichen down below. That type of brick is like a sponge. When you wet it, does it appear to dry immediately?

I’ve ran into those lichen stains before but on a different red brick. I ended up putting straight 12.5 and left it. The next day it was gone.

I’ll let some other more experienced guys tell it but that’s my assessment from the pictures.

It definitely is deep into the brick. almost like a stain. Pressure cleaning gets the top layer off but ultimately just drives it deeper into the brick, or so I believe. I sprayed the 2% on there and it was dry just a few minutes later with no visible change per say. Will check back tomorrow. Not sure that without a soft wash system that I can effectively get the mix to all of the spots. I think some of it goes 30 feet up the front of the home, but that also may just be normal algae.

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Do a test spot with a pump up and some hot mix around 5-6%. See what happens in 20 minutes or so. If you get results great. Send me their info. I’ll send them an estimate. If they accept I’ll give you a finders fee.

Did it look something like this initially? I was able to get rid of these spots but it took straight 12% applied and left.

the “after” on the right is more like what i see all the time, the “stain.” If I can’t get it with DS then this may be the time I buck up and build a 12v system. They asked if I do roofs too…If not, you are the go to.

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The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll wonder why it took this long. Necessary tool to have when needed.