So last year I was going to give up washing, but I’m not a give up kinda guy.
I work a full time job at Costco driving a forklift in the am. Pay is good, benefits are great. I saw a guy washing at Chic fila by my house, so I decided to chat with him about the business. (I was going to ask if he wanted to buy my equipment) haha but I instead asked question pertaining to washing. Gave him a card and he said he would send some work my way from areas he didn’t work in. Never heard from him. Then 2 weeks ago I get a call from him and he was asking if he could send work my way on my side of town, and if I was interested in learning more about the trade. Also if I could help him clean the chic filas. I meeting up with him tmrw and I think this is a cool opportunity. It’s not to often people are willing to show you the ropes and help you out. I’m grateful and ready to what’s in store tmrw.


Good for you…sounds like a great opportunity.

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I believe so too. I look forward to it.

That sounds great, hopefully you will gain something from it. You have to remember that, anything worth having won’t come easy. I started out the same as you, and got discouraged very quickly, but I didn’t stop. I didn’t have much money, so I used what I had, my self and my hustle. Get some business cards and hand one to everyone that you come in contact with. If this is what you want, don’t sell your equipment and don’t give up.


You are absolutely right. Nothing good comes easy. I won’t give up. It’s too much ahead of me. I don’t know where this road will lead me but I’m ready. I remember my dad use to tell me, you can be a ditch digger, but you better be the best one out there. No matter what you do, hard work pays off. Thx @gbattle for your encouraging words.


@gbattle I don’t see you post much but I like reading your post. I admire the hustle. That compliment and a dollar will get you a coffee at waffle house, but there it is.


That’s awesome man! I’m glad that opportunity came straight forward to you. Hopefully it all works out good. I am just starting out also and I know that in life nothing is easy. If you need someone to talk with hit up this forum or find someone experienced and someone new to talk about the business with. Talking about ups, downs, dreams, plans, how to’s …anything and everything about the business and your business to keep you going keep that motivation.

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Agreed. I said the same thing probably 6 months ago. He comes in and drops some knowledge and then goes away for awhile. I don’t want to hijack this post, but @gbattle genuine thanks for the quality contributions.

@emc843 I hope the guy that asked about whether or not he should network with a competitor sees this. Congrats on the opportunity!


I read that post too @squidskc and thought about my situation. My dad framed houses here in Charleston SC forever. I remember he always had “competition” he could call on. Thx @squidskc I will make the most of my opportunity.

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Let us know how the meeting goes.

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Will do @JimLuke

So today went good. The guy I met with is really looking for a full time employee. I told him no disrespect but I’ve started my own business. Which he knows. He ask if I could work with him one day a week, he would teach me things about the business that I don’t know and pay me $15 an hour. I agreed to work one day a week to help him and he would send business my way from my side of town. (He doesn’t want to drive over here to do work.) I think it’s a win win for both of us and I believe I can get valuable information and training. He has been in business a little over 10 years. It rained pretty good today so no work. But I’ll start next Tuesday. The days are only 6 hours also. I’m not to concerned with my hour rate. I want to learn so I can be the best I can be.

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Run away

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I know you mean business when those words are spoken. @Innocentbystander

A man that has been in business 10 years, has no employees, wants to pay you $75 one day a week (probably cash and no workers comp) isn’t going to teach you anything you can’t learn on your own.


My thoughts were exactly that after you posted “run away”. Yes it was cash. And I was wondering on the way home why he didn’t already have employees if he running 7 days a week. I guess I was caught in the moment of wanting to learn more to add to my own business. Thanks for your input @Innocentbystander I’ll do what I can on my own to be the best I can. I take heed to your word because I see you give a lot of honest opinions. Thank you again.

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Didn’t you already give this guy your word on this?

I may be alone on this, but I tend to do what I tell people that I will do even if it is not ideal.

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I told him I would think about it. I never give my word until I’m sure.

Oh, I was just going by what you said in post 12 where you said that you agreed to work one day per week. I didn’t realize that we were not given the straight on what you said to him. I was thinking this was an agreed upon arrangement, going by what you posted. My bad…

" I agreed to work one day a week to help him and he would send business my way from my side of town."

Yeah should of worded it correctly. You are absolutely right @JimLuke I did write that. I didn’t clarify that he told me to think about it. Being that I’m doing my own thing and work a full time job. Sorry pal. :wink: