Opinions on this setup

Found this on a FB group and I’m thinking about it. Just curious what y’all think on the asking price of $14,500. It’s 7ish hours away so
I can’t easily go look at it and put hands on it. Thanks in advance y’all!

@JGil911 assuming you already have a rig that works and generates money, I would price up what you don’t already have on the list advertised and see how it compares to the asking price of course knocking off maybe 30-40% because it’s used. Often you’ll find your paying a premium when buying other people rigs and have duplicates of used equipment.

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@MuscleMyHustle I’m starting fresh (again). Worked for my Dad’s business for a while and then my full time job schedule wouldn’t allow it anymore. Now, several years later, my schedule is back to allowing it. I know it’s a chunk of money but it seems like it has everything on it. I’d be a lot more interested if I could scoop it up for less.

I went thru and priced out what I feel is FMV and I’m coming up with $10,600. I didn’t give much value for the 400’ of 6000psi hose, wouldn’t use if it was free, and not sure why you would need a 550 gal water tank. Know some people might need but most of us wouldn’t so only allowed $250.

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Thanks @Racer, I really appreciate that!

I had to bing fmv

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I had to Google what bing is :grin:


Took me 8-10 seconds. Could have googled it faster but I’m stubborn

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Couldn’t even give him a better offer, the trailer is just a couple inches too long for the garage. Oh well!

Cut a couple of inches of the tongue or put a swinging tongue in it if you really liked it