Opinions on New Post Card

Would you please give me some feed back? Would this peak your interest if you was a home owner?

The lettering could use some tweaking as the red is hard to read against the blue, especially when using outlined letters.

Agreed make the background more of a gray scale to hard to read the letters. Also use a better photo to show whats being cleaned on the siding.

Also, I would shorten your email address to something like SACS@gmail and then replace that email on the card with a website address.

Agree the before and after on the siding isn’t different enough…also, I rarely think about my windows…now my patio under my deck…dang that is covered in gunk. You only have vertical surfaces on the card.

This is an Eddm I have had good success with if it helps. Minus the before and after mix up on the back of course!!!


I can see why it works! Looks great!

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Great card.

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@SACS I think the lettering needs to pop more like @Sharpe 's…his really gets my attention

As always your killing it in the marketing game well done sir! Who does your design work if you dont mind me asking?

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One of my helpers is a full time graphic designer. He does it all and hes awsome at it!


It shows. He does good work.

Thanks for the feed back.

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