Opinions on business title

This may sound like a stupid question but when creating a business, what would have the most success out of the following (or if anyone has any other ideas) Example: (Name) [House Washing, House Cleaning, Soft Washing] Pressurewashing is taken as a domain which would’ve been ideal, but.

I was thinking about expanding to other trades too like driveway sealing and stuff like that so I don’t know what a good name would be after the (name)

Do you know much about seo?

Yes sir, I know of it but I don’t know how to utilize it, I was going to look more into it when I got into the marketing aspect more. I was on Google Analytics before looking at the most searched things but I don’t know.

Keep seo in mind when you choose your name. Shorter is better. Name is depending on where you live and the clientele your targeting. Some people call it pressure washing, some softwashing. Other than seo, your work quality and ability to identify your target market will be where success is found. This is just my opinion.

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