Opinions....it was free so I'm not out anything


I picked this up from a property I worked for…they left the hoses hooked up with pressure on them and left it in a unheated garage and the pump froze and broke…now it’s mine they were going to throw it in the dumpster…motor is good I was think ing about putting this Cat pump on it for a spare…any better ideas?


Love the price. Think I’d probably sell the motor rather than put cash into it.


Sell motor…or build a go kart.


I personally would not. I like to keep repairs of broken equipment to around 30 - 40% of retail and with that pump you are pushing 50% of retail for a whole new machine, and you have no idea how the engine was maintained. Could be a money pit.


What do you plan on using a 2.5gpm for?


I use a 2.5 gpm turned down when I do my commercial resturant kitchen floors…and it works great😁…my 4gpm just puts to much water down!


You could clean roofs with an xjet :rofl: