Online courses

Just wanted to rant here for a min because had a friend of mine be stupid and get hussled out of some money by a certian group of people on a video platform

Remember of your actually going to be purchasing a online course where they can guarantee you make all this money its probably a scam and your being hussled to make them more money you can literally find all the information they are selling for free with a quick google search and some reading …not every market will allow you to make 6 plus figures and its not always your going to first start and within a month make even 5k to 10 k a month it takes time …possible yes probable meh and these guys have also been in business for years …and that time is what builds their business and clientle thats making them this money …rant over


Any class online or in person, that involves pressure washing is a scam

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Exactly now i know some people jump into things not knowing but its a google or youtube search away …that so called inner circle i kinda did some basic math to see what they moat likely have made from it …they probably made 150k a piece after their expesnes for running that stuff just to tell people basic information

here we go recycling old debates again :joy:


So why come on here ranting about in general. If you have something specific that’s one thing… Like most things in life, some are good and some are not.