One or two tanks?

My question is when reclaiming water would I be better off using two 200 gallon tanks and using a 3 way ball valve one for my primary tank and the other to catch the filtered water or a single 325 gallon tank? I thought with the double if I’m washing a really dirty area I would have the option not to reuse but could if need be. But I thought that if it’s filtered to 5 microns and pumped back into a single 325 gallon tank at least it would be diluted by the fresh water. I’ve searched the reclaim topic but have not seen this question. Which set up would be the best for the pump. I’m mounting everything on a 16 ft trailer so space will be limited. I’m new to reclaim. It wasn’t an issue when I was doing this before


I’ll tag @Jordie I don’t think there are too many on here that reclaim but Jordie did so he might be able to answer your question or at least give you some pointers.

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@gbattle does too

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I capture and release, l don’t reclaim, sorry.

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Apparently i do the same. Someone educated me that i don’t “reclaim”, i recover. The water gets released to the landscape, not reused.

Sorry i couldn’t be more help.

Btw, any pics/description of your filtration system?

It’s the hydrotek RZV10E1. I’m going to use the scirocco surface cleaner

I’m probably going to go with the 270 gallon tank as opposed to the 200 gallon. I just don’t know if I’d be better off with two or one having one dedicated to the reclaim system or if it would even matter since it filters to that level

That’s what i was thinking.

Did you already purchase the reclaim system and surface cleaner?

No not yet. Why?

Remember, once that water goes into a tank it is considered hazardous waste. make sure you have a haz mat endorsement on your cdl, along with your medical card. And pay attention to the size of the tank or you may need a tanker endorsement. Sound like a lot of headache? Thank the orgs and a particular vendor for selling you out and lining their pockets.

Thanks, At 5 microns it should be considered clean. I try not to haul if I can help it. I prefer to run empty and use on site water when possible. But leaving the jobsite I’m almost always empty. I’m pulling with a half ton hemi not required to have cdl. No one here recovers or reclaims as far as I know. Even though it might be a hassle I think it’s got great marketing and sales potential. We’ll see

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I have the Sirroco system for sale. 30 gal auto pump out dual motor w 30 gal sand trap w leaf trap. 1 year old. And possibly the surface cleaner you are looking at w instant recapture. (I may keep that.)

Some 2" hose, 300’ vac hose reel, banjo couplers, swivel hose cuffs etc. Sirrocco will give you the essentials but not all the extras that are so needed.

Pm me if interested. I’m in MA.

[quote=“Innocentbystander, post:14, topic:13154”]
Thank the orgs and a particular vendor for selling you out and lining their pockets.
[/quote] I’m pretty sure I know who you’re referring to and I totally agree. I think it started out for good but it seems like over the years it like most organizations have gotten corrupt. I’m just getting back into the business after 8 years and haven’t heard a lot of good about it. Like everything else it’s all about municipal revenue. The only ones that I know of that recover here are the fleet guys and I have no desire to do fleet work

Hello sir, I’ve been reading this forum and many other sources of info online to learn about commercial pressure washing as I’m preparing to go into business. I’ve watched many of your YT vids and they’ve been very helpful. I know you were using the electric Sirocco system above. Have you sold it and if so what are you using now?

I haven’t sold it.
I’m using ground filtration, and drain covers at present.

If you’d like the reclaim system, lmk. I’m located in MA.

I’m on the west coast so probably wouldn’t be cost effective. Ground filtration? Are you referring to the 3m filters and a screen type material? Does that satisfy epa and municipal regulations?