One main thing you will change for your business in 2014?

So what will that one “main” thing you will change with your business in 2014 if you even change anything at all?

Streamlining and organizing everything from operations to mundane administrative task.

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Try to get past the hurdle of hiring someone and hire someone!

Jeff Maycumber
All Clean Pressure Cleaning Service

We will be doing more tweaking than changes as we are expanding.


Prices up 10%

John Devine.

Well put Jeff. This was to me the hardest hurdle to get to. Also not doing the work once you hire someone is equally as hard especially when you enjoyed doing this type of work. When I talked to Succesful business people they all seem to come to this hurdle as something that is so hard to do and a must if you want to get to that next level.

One of my closest friends who is very Succesful broke my nuts years ago when he asked me why I havent hired a full-time guy yet. My answer to him was that I considered myself the best at what I do and his response was “Great, no one is going to remember you when your dead” with his point being at least in my take was to get off the high horse and hire someone. This guy started on his own with his cement business with him a wheel barrel and a shovel. Today he owns this OHEKA CASTLE - Historic Gold Coast Mansion in Long Island New York | Oheka Castle

  1. Dropping my prices on upper end homes.

We’re good enough that we can do a $745.00 house wash in 2 hours or less. I think I can sell a lot more of them at $595.00 than I can at $745.00

  1. Travelling further to wash vinyl and let the challenging brick restoration jobs for someone else.

That means expanding the direct mail program a good bit.

  1. Follow up, even to the point of being a pain in the tail to prospects.

I have no follow up at all right now. I explain the process a bit, give you a price and go for the close. You either want it or you don’t. Whatever, no big deal. That is so 2013. This year, don’t be calling up in here and bothering me unless you’re serious because I am going to hound your butt until you tell me to never call you again or else you agree to get your house washed like we talked about.

Good stuff JT.

Follow up on every job we do, either by email or phone call to make sure they are happy.

Refocus on resi!

I will “Echo” this statement also. Being more efficient in everything in the business. I think last year will be our best “Net” profit year ever because we were more efficient, operational wise.

Biggest factor was labor time management, doing more with less.

I agree, this is a must for me this year, along with expanding my business to neighboring cities.

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Yup aim to get off the wand. Best way to make the most money if it works out for ya.


Time to grow up, no more going to bed at 1am and waking up at 6/7. In bed by 11/up by 5. Structure starts right there.

Awesome advice y’all! Definitely some great things to aspire to in 2014.

  1. Beefing up the advertising and adding direct mail into the mix.

  2. Using ResponsiBid.

  3. Experimenting with phone bids and learning to implement them when appropriate.

  4. Getting completely off the gun. Finally! lol

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Hopefully starting doing it full time.

I’d also like to outsource the more tedious tasks related to the work I do.

All of the above