One LLC or Separate

Would it be wise to make two LLCs? One for window cleaning, one for pressure cleaning? Or would that be dumb?

I would think One LLC and then DBA each one. There are many more experienced ones out there that may know better.

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whats your reasoning for doing this? insurance? marketing? unless its going to save you money via insurance rates only one is necessary then just do a DBA…

Ok, how about this. I have had a lawncare company for 6 years. It is a LLC, I have a EIN, insurance, bank account, credit card, etc. I guess the same as the rest of the small businesses has. Would I also just go with a DBA or would that be something totally different because its a different field all together. I never thought about that. I haven’t went and got my LLC and all that to start a whole separate entity yet. I just got my rig put together completely today. Im wanting to definitely have a completely different name and all rather than a lawncare company doing house washes like I have in the past. Upgraded from the 2.7gpm to a 5.2gpm hot unit, on a trailer, 325 gal buffer, I felt like ive spent a fortune with Bob over the last month.
Anyway, im off subject. Could I do the DBA instead of creating a whole different entity with EIN and all that. Im ignorant when it comes to those things.