One Dollar hose

Nothing to see here

they have other hoses for a dollar also 2 hoses With shipping is less than 10 dollars ?!?!

$1 a foot …

Definitely a glitch on their end lol

Figured its a scam but I ordered 1 with a burner card. Website showes up when you google hotsy Nashville. ¯_(ツ)_/ ¯

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I ordered one also >.> my total was 9.95 and they sent me an email and everything

Lol let us know.

Even a dollor a foot seems low for a hose of that quality.

“secure transaction”

Outrageous s&h?


Update: They called and canceled the order.


what did they say They just canceled mine sadly :confused:
Update they emailed me And I told them about the 4 other hoses

Umm, has no one heard of a little thing called INTEGRITY?!?

How can it be right to take advantage of an individual or company who has mistakenly posted an item at a ridiculously low and obviously mistaken price?

It’s one thing when you get something for a low cost, not knowing it was a mistake, and the company chooses to honor that price. It’s entirely different to knowingly take advantage of another’s honest mistake, to their detriment.

If I were on the receiving end of such treatment, that customer would be blacklisted in my contacts, and I would probably warn my competitors, as well.

Where is IBS when you need him?


I have to a agree with you on the point of forcing a company honor a blatent mistake that just feels scummy. I understand where you coming from on ordering a mistakes. I find it hard to believe they would miss multiple orders of 1$ hoses, but I certainly can see how the supply companny could be upset. At the end of the day its a $100 hose for $10, not exactly the end of the world.

WOAH Wait I didn’t force anybody to do anything I went to the pawn shop to buy it and showed them the ad AND AFTER I PAID FOR IT HE TOLD ME WHAT HAD HAPPENED

Id recommend fixing the wording on that comment then. As it is it certanly reads that way.

Ok. But that’s not at all how you presented it. I would re-read and edit your post accordingly