Older trailer rig value

This is my dad with his rig working about 15 years ago. I worked with him a couple summers. We did car lots…about 200 cars a day. We had it down to a science, and our wand routine is still ingrained in my muscle memory.

I could sling hoses around, but I don’t know much about the rig. My dad recently passed and I am trying to estimate the value of the rig. Not even sure there would be a market for this type of setup these days?

It has a 2001 Pur Clean RO system and a newer 9000w generator along with tanks, hoses, reels, etc. It’s all in fair condition.

Thanks for any input. Apologies if this is considered off topic.

Sorry to hear about your dad passing, amigo.

It’s hard to put a value on something without being there in person to look it in the mouth. If that picture is 15 years old and nothing has changed on the trailer, I’d be at around $1,500. You may get more. Sitting is hard on equipment and I’d expect to have to rebuild or wrench on just about every piece of equipment on the trailer.

Good luck with it!


RyanD,. Displaced texan said exactly what I was thinking, where are you located? If near me I may be interested. I’m building out a new trailer mounted rig myself right now, but am already thinking of a rig #2 as a back up for volume or catastrophe, that being said, I’m in south central florida.

Judging by the plates on the trailer I’m guessing Texas.

Oh duh, didn’t notice that

Yes, Texas. Thank you both for your input. Much appreciated.

Heck you might as well read up a bit more and go wash some houses.

Well, it has crossed my mind. I have a small air conditioning business, so I’m at a lot of homes. Might not be a bad idea to offer some pressure washing when I see the need.

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